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Welcome to the "Cash Flow - Wish List" support page.

Cash Flow is the amount of cash you have left over after you subtract your expenses from your income.  A positive cash flow means that you have cash left over.  A negative cash flow means that you spent more than your income.  The goal is to have a positive cash flow.  Supports multiple accounts.

Charts are available to display cash flow by month for all categories, a single category, and yearly expenses.  Listings are also available for the same data.  Transaction entry is manual but designed to be easily entered.  A built in calculator is included when entering transactional data.

The Wishlist is a list of items that you wish to purchase.  Based on the previous 12-month cash flow, the category priority, and the amount you saved so far, the estimated purchase dates will be calculated. 

If you have any questions or comments, or encounter a problem, select "Contact Us" on the left.

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