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Initially, you must add at least one account.  Afterwards, you can add more accounts or work the existing accounts.  These accounts are NOT attached to your bank.  After setting up an account, you can add transactions and/or set up repeating transactions.

Repeating transactions will be posted to the account on the first of each month.  This is so you'll immediately know how much money you have left to spend for the rest of the month.  To set up a repeating transaction, tap the "Update" button and select "Schedule".  Follow the instructions on the screen.

To enter transactions manually, tap the "Update" button and select "Activity".  Follow the instructions on the screen.

To delete old transactions that you no longer need, and to save space on the device, you can have the app delete multiple transactions based on a cut-off date that you select.  Simply tap the "Update" button and select "Batch Purge".  Select a cut-off date then tap "Delete".  This operation cannot be undone, so be careful.

To see a summary list of transactions by each month, tap "Report" and select "Summary".  While viewing this report, you can tap a section header to see a summary of each category by year.  Also, you can tap a category to see a summary by month for that category.

To see a trend chart by category, tap "Report" and select "Category".  Select the category and year that you want to see.

To see a pie chart of all expenses for the current year, tap "Report" and select "Expenses".  You can tap on a category and/or a slice of the pie to highlight that category.

Click on "Contact Us" on the left if you have any questions or comments. 
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