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Create a gift list and give it a title and the total dollar amount that you want to spend on everyone in the list.  The app will read everyone from your address book (or contacts app) and add them to the list as Naughty.  This means that they are not included in the budgeting process because Naughty people don't get gifts.  Select a person on the list to change them.

Change each person that you want to give a gift to to Nice.  This means that they will be included in the budget and you intend to buy them a gift.  Enter a description of the gift but don't enter the cost until after you buy the gift.  Continue to make each person Nice that you intend to buy a gift for and enter a description for each.

While doing this, you can view their gift history.  The app will search all of your other lists and show you what you did for the person on other lists onto a single display.  This will help you decide what to buy them and perhaps prevent you from buying the same gift twice.

Filter the list by using the buttons on the bottom of the screen.  Use the Will Buy filter to see only people that are nice and that you may have entered a description of a gift for.  You can use this option to see whose left on the list that you didn't buy a gift for yet.  Use the Did Buy filter to see only people that you already bought a gift for.  You can see how much you spent on each person's gifts.  Use the Naughty filter to see people on your list that you don't want to buy a gift for.  Perhaps you want to change your mind and make them Nice.

After you complete your spending spree, you can delete the Naughty people to save memory. 

You can add people manually.  This will allow you to add people to existing or new lists that are not in your address book.  It will also let you add a person more than once if you want to buy them more than one gift.  If you do not allow this app to read your address book, it will not function in a predictable manner so you may as well not buy this app in the first place.  The app only stores each persons first and last name in its database.  No other information is copied from your address book.

Only people in your address book with a first name and last name will be copied.  Anyone who is missing either name will NOT be copied into the list.

* Copies people from your address book so you won't forget anybody
* Filter the list to show only people that you need to buy a gift for
* Filter the list to show only people that you already bought a gift for
* Filter the list to show only people that you don't want to buy a gift for (yet?)
* Create multiple lists
* Switch from one list to the other as often as you like
* App will show you how much you already spent and how much is left.
* You can change the budget at any time
* You can delete lists that you no longer want

(c) Copyright Fred Weber 2015

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